All of these bright beauties would love to attend your event! (Individual Pages Coming Soon!)

Ice Queen

The elegant Ice Queen knows how to make any party shine! Do you know all the words to her song? She'd love to sing it with you!

Snow Princess

This spunky princess is sure to warm your heart with her smile! Book her with her sister or separately!


This charming princess is sure to wow party guests and make them believe she waltzed right out of a dream!


This lovely girl is sure to be the belle of the ball at your party! She'd love to hear all about your favorite books!

Sleeping Beauty

This beauty is no snooze! Full of grace and kindness, she loves to dance, sing, and dream big!

Snow White

She's so sugar sweet, you'll truly believe you're living in a fairytale when this princess is around! 

Mermaid Princess

With a flip of a fin, this bubbly mermaid princess is ready to learn all about the human world!


Glad to be out of her tower, this long-haired beauty will bring joy and adventure to every party! 

 This island princess loves to show your little ones the way and teach them how to love the earth the way she does! 

Scottish Lass

An adventurer at heart, this bold lassie loves to be silly and tell all about her adventures!

Wayfinder Princess


She's a spunky little blonde who is sure to brighten up your party! This fairy is a hard worker but she sure knows how to have fun!


This princess's beauty is all natural! She loves to be one with the outdoors and is ready to teach you how to paint with all the colors of the wind! 

Frog Princess

She never gives up on her dreams, even when she was turned into a frog! Her next dream is to come to your party!

Warrior Princess

One of China's fiercest warriors, this brave young woman would love to teach you some moves!







Arabian Princess

This princess has traveled many miles to share a special day with you! She has amazing stories of far off places — let her show you the world!

Princess Sofia

Ever wonder what it takes to be a royal? This pint-sized princess is more than willing to show you how it's done! 







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